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How to buy Penny Stock in an IRA?

The method of buying a penny stock through an individual retirement account (IRA) is a matter that can be tried, but, penny stock is usually quite risky, so making this investment option must be tried carefully. We recommend the best penny stock broker to spell out your shares.


Penny Stock

The term penny stock is a rather subjective one, because this stock depends on which person a person is asking for. In a basic interpretation, penny shares are traded at relatively low stock prices and represent equity stocks in industries with relatively low market capitalization. For some people, a penny is literally pennies, or less than $ 1. For others, one cent is each share traded on a $ 5 basis. The universal definition of penny stock is that of stocks traded outside the stock major markets such as the NYSE or Nasdaq.

Penny stock is thought to be one of the most risky and highly speculative equity investments, because penny stock often faces liquidity shortages, which translates into very unprofitable bid-ask spreads. Penny stock is subject to the recording of far fewer requirements and regulatory standards, and it is often difficult to obtain sufficiently professional data on the penny stock industry that allows investors to adequately evaluate industry objectives.

IRA Invests in Penny Stock

There is an IRA that can invest in penny stock. In this case, an investor might be working with a broker-trader who allows his client’s IRA to invest in shares traded on the over-the-counter (OTCBB) bulletin board. Not only OTCBB, penny stock is also traded in pieces.

There are several brokerage industries with IRA brokerage accounts that allow investments in penny stock. Among other things, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade and Scottrade. Although the custodial IRA shown alone can be used to buy penny stock, it is more advisable to use an IRA broker to facilitate penny stock trading. A low transaction fee is one that must be considered when sorting brokers for penny stock investors.


High Risk Investment

Although the penny stock is relatively cheap, they arrive at great risk. Investors who are thinking about penny stock trading must decide whether this investment really lies within their risk tolerance level and whether it is the right use of IRA funds. One risk reduction option when conducting penny stock trading is to find out if the stock to be invested is a DTCC that meets the requirements.

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), are responsible for clearing securities for brokers. If a stock has some type of restriction, or the opposite if the DTCC does not meet the provisions, generally it would be very difficult for investors to resell the shares that have been purchased. The lack of eligibility for the DTCC also generally means that trading fees are far greater than when selling back shares.

Every investor who thinks about using an IRA account for penny stock trading must carry out due diligence and believe that this is an appropriate investment strategy.

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